Hi, my name is Sergio Garcia and I am the mind behind all the designs on this site. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2012 with a bachelors degree in Digital Art & Design. Since then I have been going to comic book conventions and  in art shows to get my art out in the world and recognized. For the ultimate goal is to be able to create comic book covers to some of my favorite properties in the comic world.
Besides being a stellar illustrator I have some other pretty notable skills. One of them being a Screen Printer. So what that means is that every time you purchase a shirt I most likely screen printed it myself or oversaw the process of it. My most notable skill yet is being a Husband and Father. Balancing these things is the most challenging but also the most rewarding thing. 
Below you will find some links to my social media, my portfolio, and as well as some video work that I have done for fun. The site will be updated more and more as I navigate through this life of mine. Check back often for new art!